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Types of Consultations

Departmental DEI Climate

  • Departmental climate
  • Improving the inclusive culture in a department
  • Improving the culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Creating a culture/working environment where a diverse workforce can be themselves and maximize their contributions and impact
  • Integrating a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging into the everyday way we work, rather than as a standalone component

Procedural Consultations

The primary focus of a procedural/programmatic consultation is assessing the overall quality of a program, initiative, process, or procedure through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This consultation will focus on solving a specific issue that affects a portion of the department's work.

Training & Professional Development Consultations

  • Diagnosing learning areas, particularly for subject areas outside of a department's area of expertise
  • Connecting to existing IDE trainings  
  • Recommending other consultants or educational programs
  • Strategizing how leaders/management can acquire complex skills with guided experience over time

Frequently, an IDE consultant will apply both a departmental climate and procedural consultation to the same situation or need. Both types of consultation help ensure a comprehensive focus on equity and inclusion.