Big Think + At Dartmouth

Learning with Big Think +

Big Think + , a dynamic professional development platform brought to you by the Division of Institutional Diversity and Equity. This initiative aligns with our ongoing and sustained commitment to fostering a culture of shared learning and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus. Big Think + offers a wealth of resources tailored to elevate the professional development opportunities for our valued campus community:

  1. Ground-Breaking Speakers: Engage in thought-provoking modules that cover a wide range of topics, keeping you updated on the latest insights and best practices, facilitated by world-renowned speakers.
  2. Discussion Questions: Foster meaningful conversations within small groups, encouraging collaborative learning and deepening our understanding of diversity and equity.
  3. Micro-Learning: Access bite-sized learning modules that can easily fit into your busy schedule, empowering continuous growth, and skill-building.

This initiative reflects one way of supporting action 10 outlined in the Toward Equity Strategic Plan. By providing these resources, we aim to empower every member of our community to contribute to our shared mission of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of campus life.

Getting Started with Big Think +

Watch this brief video to learn how to make the most of Big Think + at the link below. If you have additional questions please contact Nick Davis at

Watch the tutorial